• Couples therapy is effective for everyone, including interracial, polyamorous, and gender-diverse partners.

• Sessions aim to bridge cultural gaps, strengthen emotional connections, and rebuild trust after betrayals.

• Couples are encouraged to use therapy not just for crisis management but also for ongoing relationship enrichment.

Relationship therapy for life situations

Romantic relationships can be challenging, (unlike the blissful experiences Hollywood tends to portray) for new and experienced couples alike. Couples choose couples therapy (or couples counseling) because relationships are not always easy to navigate. Get the best couples therapy Los Angeles offers and make life easy again.

Get relationship advice that works

Our couples therapists in Los Angeles have helped rebuild connections and improved the intimacy in many LA relationships. Many couples are hesitant to bring up the idea of couples therapy in Los Angeles, and may only feel inclined to go once their relationship is facing major challenges or on its last leg.

We want to dissolve that idea.

Folx of all ages and relational configurations benefit from couples therapy.

Whether you are in your first relationship, in a non-traditional or polyamorous relationship, in an interracial or intercultural relationship, or long-since married, our relationship therapists have helped members of every community and configuration. ​

Speak to a couples' therapist and experience more meaning and connection in your life

You may have concerns about problems that cannot so easily be fixed, where “kiss and make-up” don't feel like a viable option. Many relationship issues take time and dedication to solve, making them that much more rewarding to overcome. As you and your partner rebuild and repair what was broken during a difficult time, you come out with a relationship that is stronger and more resilient.

It's an amazing feeling, one that gives confidence to every type of couple. With couples therapy, you and your partner can tackle those difficult, seemingly unfixable issues and leave stronger than you ever imagined.

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Who is relationship therapy for?

Therapy does not come with a set of rules or specifications. A common misconception surrounding therapy for couples is that it is meant solely for married people on the brink of divorce. We live in a much more diverse world now where there are so many more relational situations and configurations. Our therapy sessions are for folx who want to build more rewarding experiences with others.

Each session is meant to promote stronger, healthier relationships that enrich lives and enhance the love that surrounds you.

So forget the traditional sense of Los Angeles couples therapy that is often viewed as a last-ditch effort to fix a long list of grievances and pain.

Couples therapists in Los Angeles do not only work with those in a specific kind of relationship. We work with ALL types of people in ALL types of relationships.

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Some of the most common types of folx we work with are:

  • Those in newly formed relationships as well as offer premarital guidance for those who are looking for more stability and confidence in their emotional journey.

  • Married couples and experienced partners looking for more ways to connect and build fuller more rewarding experiences

  • Partners that have experienced a personal hardship together and need help navigating the difficulties surrounding the event.

  • Non-biological families who want to create deeper family roots and strengthen their bonds

    Work colleagues, business partners, or those in relational situations where people need to find ways to work together and understand each other better.

  • Interacial relationships where partners need to find more ways to connect by bridging the gap between cultures.

There isn't a guideline you and your partner need to adhere to, just come as you are. Los Angeles couples therapy is designed to help all varieties of couples work through problems like infidelity, emotional distance, financial woes, and disagreements about children.

Everyone wins...

No relationship can avoid these types of problems, as much as society would have us believe otherwise. Many married couples or long-term partners experience feelings of emotional distance like they are living with a roommate rather than a romantic partner.

Romantic feelings can become stale, leading to unhappiness, sadness, and frustration. It's all too easy to become stagnant in long-term relationships. Once those initial feelings of curiosity, love, and passion even out, it can take some effort to revive them once again.

Infidelity creates powerful, difficult emotions to work through as a couple. It can feel impossible to navigate the pain and anger peaceably without a mediator, which is why therapy is so effective. If you and your partner do decide to part ways, for any reason, we help make the process as kind and bearable as possible.

Issues surrounding finances and children can wear down your once blissful relationship faster than you ever thought possible. It can feel increasingly discouraging to talk with your partner if your talks frequently end in fruitless arguments, potentially burying the issue even deeper.

We understand these fears and difficulties. Working through them with a couples therapist offers you a safe environment, a place where every voice is heard.

The benefits of online couples therapy

You don't need to be at your breaking point to benefit from relationship therapy. Our sessions are beneficial for issues with stability, but can also fuel the growth of already flourishing relationships. The time you spend with us can serve as a check-in for you and your partner(s), a safe space to discuss your needs, desires, and anything you would like to work on.

Partners who attend couples therapy in Los Angeles reap benefits on emotional and physical levels. By having a professional to guide and encourage you and your partner through turmoil or simply daily life, you will gain tools of application to use outside your therapist's office.

The environment of couples therapy is a safe and moving one. Actively choosing to go to a designated place and discuss your relationship with a therapist is an impactful decision. Improving your relationship takes conscious effort from you and your partner, and as with other areas of life, where effort is placed, results often appear.

Devoting the time to get closer is a commitment for you and your partner. The act itself fosters similar incentives of change and renewal.

Reap the benefits of counseling from top Los Angeles therapists

With the help of one of our Los Angeles couples therapists, you and your partner can enjoy a renewed sense of closeness and emotional vulnerability. Feelings of relief and acceptance can be found after working through difficult or touchy subjects.

At its very core therapy brings couples closer.

Partners become more in-tune with each other's needs, emotions, and desires. The results make people more open to discussing and solving problems. With these benefits, your relationship(s) can flourish more than ever.

Best online couples therapy Los Angeles offers

Witness the growth of your relationship

Relationships struggle and suffer between physical beings. As with other physical ailments, to repair a suffering relationship, you may need some extra help.

You don't have to bear the weight of the recovery and repairs on your own, nor should you.

Working through a problematic relationship or taking steps to build on life's beauty is made easier with the help of a couples' therapist in Los Angeles.

The benefits are infinitely rewarding, and they extend to every person in every situation.

There is no wrong reason to start therapy, and no time like the present to begin.

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions about what we do and how we can help.

Meet your best self.
Great support, affordable cost.

Meet your best self.
Great support, affordable cost.

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Try therapy.
Great support, affordable cost.

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