• Telehealth therapy is an accessible option for those with busy schedules, physical limitations, or who live far from a therapist's office

• Online sessions are conducted on secure, HIPAA-compliant platforms to protect client privacy

• It offers same level of care and effectiveness in their online therapy sessions as in-person.

Those who use Telehealth services to attend online therapy in California enjoy the convenience and accommodation online sessions afford. This method of therapy allows you to streamline other areas of your life with minimal impact on your schedule.  Telehealth users also enjoy high levels of privacy and the ability to receive care from a mental health therapist in California regardless of where they are. This can be an excellent alternative to going to a facility, regardless of its size or amenities. At Healing Collective Therapy Group, we believe there are an overwhelming array of advantages offered via Telehealth online psychotherapy sessions. We encourage those who want to experience more meaning in their lives to witness these benefits for themselves. 

The benefits of choosing telehealth online therapy

The benefits of online therapy are broad and applicable to many different lifestyles, schedules, and states of mental health. 

Teletherapy California with a therapist in Los Angeles

​Online psychotherapists are highly effective 

For most mental health conditions, seeing a California psychotherapist online has been found to be just as effective as in-person therapy sessions. The potential for even higher effectiveness is more likely for those with long commutes, discomfort with social interactions, or a preference for staying in their area of comfort. How much a person may or may not appreciate the benefits of Telehealth therapy is dependent on a myriad of factors, but at its core, online therapy can be equal to in-person therapy in terms of effectiveness and success. 

​Greater convenience

The inability to get to and from a physical office for therapy is shared by those with busy schedules, a long commute, caring responsibilities, and mental or physical health conditions. Your ability to schedule a time for Telehealth therapy is based on the time required for your session, rather than the session plus the commute. This makes online psychotherapy more convenient and feasible.  This level of convenience broadens the reach of therapy services, as many who once thought they did not have the time or the capabilities to attend therapy in person can now enjoy the benefits of therapy without jumping through hoops. ​

Private and confidential Online therapy in California has the benefit of being highly private and confidential. Some may feel uncomfortable attending therapy in person for fear of being recognized or overhead, which are fears that Telehealth sessions eliminate. You also have complete control over where you would like your sessions to take place--this can be your room, a private outdoor space, or even in your vehicle. The choice is up to you and your comfort. Sessions remain completely confidential, just as they would in person.​

Fewer scheduling limitations

Since Telehealth therapy sessions are online, there is less of a demand on your time to attend each session. Commutes and traffic don't enter the equation at all; simply take into account the time of the session and when you have a free hour in your schedule.  This can be especially beneficial for those caring for others, whether young children or aging parents. Inserting time for your mental health becomes feasible with Telehealth sessions, even during your busiest weeks.  

Accessible for those with physical limitations

Online therapy is accessible to anyone with a stable Internet connection. Physical health or physical capabilities do not limit your ability to attend telehealth sessions, regardless of how severe they may be. Finding accommodating and accessible offices can be challenging for those who are challenged with motor skills. Telehealth therapy removes these limitations altogether. 

telehealth online therapy in California

How does teletherapy in California work?

Teletherapy California sessions work just like in-person sessions. The comparative differences lie in location and how you will receive your mental health care (online as opposed to speaking with your therapist in their office). Sessions take place within HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platforms. These platforms are specific to your therapist, and therefore you will receive secure links. Once you've signed in, you will wait for your therapist to join the session and admit you into the call. If no one is there to let you in, they will be with you promptly.​Once your therapist has joined the call, your session begins. Online therapy appointments typically last for 50 minutes, just like in-person appointments. You will then end the call and log off. The process of online psychotherapy in California is simple and easy to learn, regardless of how competent you are with technology. 

How we protect our clients

At Healing Collective Therapy Group, the security and safety of our clients take top priority. We want you to feel as safe and secure as possible when using our services, which is why we are so careful to keep your information confidential, secure, and protected. Here is how we accomplish that. ​

We adhere to HIPAA guidelines

Nothing is sacrificed when it comes to our Telehealth services; you can expect the same security and protection that you would receive in any clinical setting. HIPAA guidelines prevent information from being shared without your approval in any way, whether that may be digitally or verbally. Our therapists are committed to making you feel comfortable and secure, both online and in person. We use software encryption and security blocks to keep your information safe.​ There's always the fear of a data leak or a hack of some sort when it comes to online services. At Healing Collective, we use a variety of encryption and software protections to ensure that your information remains private. You won't need to worry about information leaks or hacks, as we take your safety and protection with utmost seriousness. 

​Our therapists are licensed

Scams are unfortunately plausible in the world of therapy, taking advantage of those who are searching for convenient and affordable mental health services. These pseudo-therapists lack the schooling and licensing of our therapists at Healing Collective, and any other reputable mental health service provider.  The licensing of our therapists means that you can trust that you are receiving the best mental health care possible and that you are getting the most value out of the time and money you spend bettering your mental health. 

Personal and confidential information is only shared during private therapy sessions

We won't ask you to reveal anything personal or confidential in ways you aren't comfortable with. E-mails or texts can pose security risks or cause discomfort, which is why we prioritize therapy sessions for sharing information of a personal nature. In many cases, you can reach your therapist in more ways than just a Telehealth program, such as texting and e-mail. We offer these services on secure devices, with all the same encryption and security measures as our Telehealth programs. ​Our therapists lead your sessions from a secure and private location.In an effort to make your online therapy California sessions as private and comfortable as possible, our therapists lead their time with you in private spaces, just as they would in person. You can rest assured that you won't be heard by passersby, other therapists, or anyone else within our location. ​

We adhere to your privacy requests in and out of the office

If you live in the same city or general area as your Telehealth therapist, you may be uncomfortable with the idea of seeing them at the store or in another public place. Per your requests, our therapists can navigate this challenge in a way that best suits you and your level of comfort. We do this to maintain the relationship between therapist and patient, and to keep your privacy and anonymity completely intact out of the office. 

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions about what we do and how we can help.

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Meet your best self.
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