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• Our culture is built on empathy, expertise, and inclusivity

• Our practice works with everyone from celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs to students and people just finding their way in the world

Therapy, made for you

Seeing a therapist does not mean something is wrong with you. ​What it may mean is you are:

  • Focusing on personal growth

  • Having difficulty with relationships

  • Dealing with trauma

  • Working through difficult emotionsIn need of clarity 

  • Wanting to change negative thinking patterns

  • Wanting to learn coping skills and techniques 

Get the therapy you deserve

Connection with your therapist and life coach is vital. It is important to work with a therapist you vibe with. One who is empathetic, non-judgmental, and authentic.​Our work together may get deep and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important that you feel you are in a safe space in which you feel free to be vulnerable, open, and honest. ​We are a team of therapists and life coaches who value our relationships with our clients. When life experiences have clouded our ability to have clarity, we see you and strive to help you connect with your authentic self.  We also find it important to recognize how social constructs, family dynamics, and societal norms have impacted our way of being and self-image.  To understand this is to better understand you.

Online Therapy

Healing Collective Therapy is a Los Angeles-based practice that understands the diversity of cultures and the need for connection. While we do offer in-person sessions in LA, our online sessions allow us to extend our services to those who live farther, have busy schedules, or simply prefer the privacy of their home.​Online therapy sessions for your accommodation and convenience.

Individual Therapy

Our passion lies in helping you discover more about yourself and how to bring more authenticity, self-awareness, and meaningful connections into your life.​We work with those who are willing to explore the inner depths of their being to bring out the best version of yourself into everyday life.​Let us help you grow as a person and learn how to process the most impactful elements of your life.

Relationship and Couples Therapy

As human beings, it's in our nature to seek connection and find love and meaning in all of our relationships. We are here to assist couples in strengthening their connection, commitment, love, and understanding.​Healing Collective also works with those in relational configurations beyond the traditional sense of the hetero-patriarchal norm.​We work with those in polyamorous, non-monogamous, and non-traditional relationships.

LGBTQIAP2+ Therapy

Our team consists of therapists who have experience and familiarity with the challenges the LGBTQIAP2+ community face. Discrimination, oppression, and marginalization are issues we rebel against. 

When seeking therapy, whether you are newly processing your sexual or gender, identity, dealing with the challenges of social stigma, or just in need of an affirming therapist, we understand the importance of finding the right therapist. 

Although many therapists may be qualified to help, sometimes LGBTQIAP2+ clients feel more comfortable with an LGBTQIAP2+ therapist, or with a therapist who specializes in or has a great deal of experience with LGBTQIAP2+ issues. We are here for you.

Trauma Therapy

There are many facets of trauma. Whether you have experienced complex trauma, grief, loss, a traumatic situation, or anything you consider to have been traumatic, it is important to work through all the complexities of trauma.​At Healing Collective, we guide you through difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions with compassion and empathy. We are here to help you begin the healing process that will lead you to a more balanced life.

Life & Business Coaching

Everyone may think you’ve got it all together and it may be close to the truth but even the most successful people in the world have a team that stands behind them.​Life isn’t always easy to navigate. Finding that “extra something” that’s missing or figuring out what’s in your way could be the key to unlocking the greatness we all have waiting to unfold.

Group Therapy

Sharing your experiences with others is a powerful way of discovering that you are not alone and that what you're experiencing is more common than you think.​ It is a safe space one can feel comfortable sharing thoughts and feelings you might not otherwise feel compelled to do. We at Healing Collective curate therapy groups to ensure those who participate will feel supported, heard, and connected.

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions about what we do and how we can help.

Meet your best self.
Great support, affordable cost.

Meet your best self.
Great support, affordable cost.

Try therapy

Try therapy.
Great support, affordable cost.

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